Why Use a Cloud-based Audience Response System?


You may have seen the application of a conventional audience response system on game shows and other television shows. A conventional audience response system uses a basic device that has specific options listed on it. When the host asks a question, people simply have to press the relevant option and their answer will be recorded. An audience response system is basically used to gauge the audience’s opinion and get a response. It helps the host keep the audience engaged and it makes the audience feel that their opinion holds value, thus making the environment much more immersive.

However, older audience response systems were clunky and very difficult to maintain. Every person in the audience had to be given a separate device which was used to record their responses. Naturally, this caused a lot of issues. Complex wiring systems had to be put in place before the audience response system could be deployed. Today, using such a clunky old system just doesn’t make sense. Thanks to cloud-based technology, it is now so much easier to gauge the response of an audience using a cloud-based response system.

Benefits of a Cloud-based Response System

One of the biggest benefits of using a cloud-based response system is that you don’t have to worry about wiring a system or putting up additional devices just to get responses from the audience. Almost everybody nowadays has a smartphone in their hands. All you need to do is have a Wi-Fi network in place so that people can connect to the network. Once they are connected, all that the audience is required to do is download a simple app or visit a particular link through a QR code to vote. The responses are stored in the cloud and can be analysed in a number of different ways. Because the information is stored in the cloud, you can easily represent and review it whenever you like, using almost any kind of device.

Another reason why a cloud-based audience response system is a much better choice is because it doesn’t cost as much money. Previously, only big-budget platforms were able to afford a dedicated audience response system. But now, thanks to the cloud, almost anybody with a computer and an ARS can now deploy a response system to hundreds of people and get a response from them.

How to Use an Audience Response System

Using a reputable audience response tool is a fantastic idea if you want a seamless, cloud-based audience response system. You don’t have to worry about paying over the top for deploying the ARS, and the response system is also easy to use. Once it is deployed, anybody can respond using their mobile phones. Try a modern ARS tool such as Glisser, which is an excellent, cost-effective option for people who don’t want to spend a lot of money on a supplementary response system. So what are you waiting for? Make the switch now!

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