What You Should Do If Your Computer Breaks Down


From time to time, the products that we use every day in our lives may malfunction (sometimes due to unknown reasons), and this can be applied to our computers too. In the event of a malfunction, most users would either get help through the Internet to resolve it, or approach a professional company to repair their computer.

Hardware and software

People are often unsure of the problems surrounding their computer, and before we delve deeper, there are two aspects that need to be clarified: the hardware and software. A hardware is a physical component that allows the computer to work seamlessly with the software. When a part of it is damaged (a drop from height), the entire computer may not function normally. A software is a program that is installed in the computer and it is used to operate it.

Common issues affecting your computer

There is a wide range of problems that could plague your computer, and some of these are: a computer which has slowed down tremendously, an unresponsive Universal Serial Bus (USB) port, malfunctioning hard disk drive, unable to print out documents, Wi-Fi and ethernet port not working properly, or even the infamous Blue Screen of Death (BSOD). While some of these problems could be resolved simply just by Googling the solutions, the more extreme problems require a computer repair expert’s help.

Causes of breakdowns

In many cases, the cause of a breakdown is not known. Some of these malfunctions can be traced to malware that has infected the computer. The user could have either visited dubious websites, or even clicked on links that might contain viruses, which could have slowed the computer down or cause software damages. For hardware breakdowns, they could be suffering from wear and tear, or even from knocks and fall from height. In this case, the physical component may be replaced or realigned, in order to repair it.

Additional services

Even if your computer does not malfunction, it is still best to bring it to a professional to get it checked for any potential problems. They can even offer health checks on your computer, cleaning up your computer using a software, and even upgrading the hardware to make it faster.

Charging of repairs

In the market today, there are many different kinds of fees that a company will impose. Be aware of the pricing model of each company, and always ask up front how much does it cost before committing to it. Some will charge based on an hourly basis, which will be cheaper if your problem requires only a short time to solve it. Some will offer a flat rate, depending on the difficulty in resolving the issue. The better companies out there will not charge you a single cent if they fail to rectify your problem.

Repairing a computer is not meant for someone who has little knowledge of how computers work, as taking the wrong step could damage and corrupt the software, rendering the computer useless. Negate this risk by approaching a professional to assist you in the repair.

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