Top 2018 Web Design Trends in Dubai


To make the year 2018 a success in the web design industry of UAE, many new trends sprouted up while there were some that have managed to stay in the top trend list this year as well. The trend list shows some major improvisation in the trends that were followed in all over the Middle East. Due to the performance of each feature, the trend list is finalized. Let’s see how much it is going to serve you in 2018. Without further so quickly get down to the summarized list of bets trends of web design industry in UAE.

Grid Style in Irregular Format

Grid style has been in the design industry for a long time. It is used to display many features on a single web page. However, a little improvisation is seen in it. Today the designer in Dubai prefer using irregular grid style. It makes it possible to work on the negative spaces as well and to create more engaging layout having all the necessary features. With the irregular grid style, images are enhanced and they become more visually appealing.

Mobile Responsive Sites

The rapid use of smartphones for making online purchases increasing the need to build a mobile responsive website if you truly want to rule over in Dubai. The lifestyle of people is quite tough and they do not have that much time left at the day end to roam around in the streets to look for brands or spend time in malls. Therefore, they prefer using their smart handheld devices while resting on their couches to shop. Therefore, you need to develop a site that supports all the platforms and perform equally well. Your site must offer seamless navigation and loads quickly showing every single section clearly.

AI-Powered Bots

Artificial Intelligence has left no are of digital marketing or the technological world with its true wonders. IT has pared its gems everywhere in any way possible. In the online retail industry in Dubai, it is observed that tons of marketers are adopting ways through which they can incorporate AI in their customer support services. AI-powered Bots have taken a step into the industry and left the onlookers in a wonder. These incredible bots work like a human brain and automatically update themselves with by the past conversations they have with the target audience. These bots provide chatting services and in Chatbots they offer suggestions to the queries entered the customers. The Chatbots also offer relevant suggestions and a more personalized shopping experience.

Bold Colors

Coming fourth in the trend list of trends of Web Design in Dubai is bold colors. The colors seem to fascinate the people in Dubai and to those around the world. Bold colors are used to enhance the attractiveness of a site. Back in the previous years, it was considered that light colors enhance a soothing impact on the viewers. However, now it is believed that bold colors ca quickly hold viewer’s attention and increases the chance of customer engagements.

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