Sometimes “Oops” Isn’t Enough


As technology improves in creating glass bottles that can replace the more breakable plastic bottles, more and more laboratories are turning to glass in order to reduce costs. However, just as with plastic, not all glass containers can be used in all applications. Most economical bottles are manufactured from polymers that were simply not meant to be placed in many lab situations. You or others in the lab could be injured if glass bottles are not used correctly, or you may find yourself constantly replacing bottles if the glass is damaged through improper usage.

Know if the Chemical you are Handling Can be placed in Glass

A good way to become injured or potentially injure another is by storing or moving solutions in glass when the chemicals involved can eat through glass. Certain polymers have been created specifically for the purpose of handling some of these chemicals, while others should still be contained in plastic. We can provide you with this information about any of the bottles we manufacture.

On a related note, some glass may interact with certain solutions placed within them and then give you incorrect results.

Check the Ratings

Whether you are working with extreme temperatures, large jumps in temperatures, plan to use the bottle in a centrifuge, or any other process, be certain the container you choose to use is capable of withstanding whatever it is about to undergo. Bottle specifications can be found on our website, or you can give our customer service team a call to find out more about what your bottles have been tested for.

Improper Cleaning Practices

Before cleaning your glass bottles after use, be certain you know exactly how they should be cleaned. Some polymers are best cleaned with an acid bath or neutral cleaning agents, while others require alkaline agents. You may also need to adjust your cleaning method depending on what contamination the bottles have been exposed to. We would be happy to provide you with the necessary information.

Store and Ship with Care

Be mindful of storage temperatures when selecting glass bottles for certain samples. As stated above, some polymers were not made to endure extreme temperatures and may shatter or break down when exposed.

The same care should be taken when deciding what bottles to use for shipping samples. Impact resistance is another important aspect of glass bottles used in shipping.

Follow Government Regulations

There are numerous government regulations for working with the chemicals we are exposed to in labs, and these should always be taken into consideration when pairing solutions with containers.

Let Us Know When You Need Assistance

We are pleased when labs choose to purchase our glass products, and want our customers to get the best results out of our products. We welcome all queries you have about any product you may be interested in buying, and want you to get the most out of these items. At any time you may contact us via phone or email, and we will answer to the best of our abilities.


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