Movavi Video Converter Review


Generally people tend to have a scant understanding of video formats and settings, but considering how videos are being used so widely nowadays that can end up being a disadvantage. With so many different video formats floating around, odds are you’ve encountered some videos that you’re unable to play in the past. Even if you haven’t, you may have wished that you knew how to optimize your videos for some of the other devices you use – such as tablets or smartphones.

Being able to convert your videos will help you in so many different ways. To begin with you won’t have any issues with compatibility since you’ll be able to convert videos to a compatible format. On top of that you’ll also be able to optimize them and conserve storage space in the process – which is a huge advantage especially when it comes to mobile devices.

That is what makes the Movavi Video Converter such an attractive software. It will hand you all these advantages while at the same time not requiring any technical knowledge. In short, even if you don’t know the first thing about video formats or settings you can convert and optimize your videos with ease.

In no small part this is down to the extensive collection of presets that come with the Movavi Video Converter. Using them, all you need to do is add the video, choose the appropriate preset for the device or platform that you’re using, and then convert your video. It really is that straightforward, and converting AVI to MP4 or any other format will just take a couple of minutes.

Matter of fact the numerous other features of the Movavi Video Converter are just as easy to use too and will allow you to:

  • Enhance the quality of your videos and correct any issues with them.
  • Insert customizable text as captions, watermarks or subtitles.
  • Crop or rotate the orientation and frame of the video.
  • Cut and combine video segments as required.
  • Extract the audio from any videos.
  • Create animated GIFs out of video clips.
  • Regulate and normalize audio levels.
  • Take screenshots directly from videos.
  • Convert audio and image files.

As you can probably see, the Movavi Video Converter is able to act as a one-stop media conversion as well as editing software and will certainly bring some pretty interesting options to the table.

Be sure to try it out. Even if you don’t need to convert a video right this very instant, having the ability to do so will definitely come in handy at numerous junctures in the future. If nothing else, being able to optimize your videos and conserve space will save you from having to agonizingly decide which videos to delete when you run out of storage room.


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