Know the power of the Quarterly Business Review (QBR)


The quarterly Business Review is the important activities that the customer success managers will perform. It is at times known by various names like the business reviews, executive business reviews and many more. But, no matter what name they are called- they are very important and the flow will largely affect the Customer success managers. So, it is critical to perform and prepare the QBR in the right manner. The QBR concept was too much popular in the earlier days, but in the present times, they are not so popular due to the introduction of other factors and processes.

Know about the executive involvement

For making the QBR the most effective, there should be the executive present on both the sides of the attendances. This is one of the vital reasons for creating the executive sponsorships for the key accounts that you are having. The Quarterly Business Review or the QBR is one of the key factors for the participation of the executive sponsor. Thus, the participation of the executives on one side of you will make it easier to get the sponsoring executives on your side for attending.

The QBR is strategic but not tactical

When you are considering the QBR, it should be a strategic event but not the tactical one. This is not the right time to discuss the details of any issue or going to train the new admin. These meetings can be done without the executives.

Some of the topics suitable for the QBR includes are-

  1. Return on Investment or the ROI for the product
  2. Expansion of the value proposition for the perspective
  3. Additional use of the cases that you have explored or that you have noticed
  4. Use of the phase 2, 3 or 4 for the implementation
  5. To find out the new products they may show interest in
  6. Results determination from the last 90 days
  7. Major obstacles for succession

Customer segmentation is important for QBR

The Quarterly business reviews (QBR) is mainly reserved for the critical clients. The process is a little time consuming and with a large number of customers, it does not make any sense to use them for all customers. If you think of segmenting the customers, QBR should be reserved for the top segment of customers. These customers require special attention and needs. Thus, the QBR is one of the important things for the customers.

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