How to Rid yourself of those Annoying Spam Emails


Unsolicited emails are the scourge of every computer user worldwide, and this unethical marketing strategy is commonly used to get their message to as many people as possible. The people who create these unwanted messages are very clever, and as fast as a method to stop them can be found, they develop a way to bypass it.  Most anti-spam software applications use a single algorithm when determining if an email is, in fact, spam, and while this might be effective to a degree, you will still have to spend half an hour a day deleting those that have managed to find their way into your inbox.

Cutting Edge Technology

Despite the clever way spam is created, there is finally a solution, and of you would like to try the software for 30 days, contact Mailcleaner, a market leader in anti-spam software. This innovative package not only eliminates spam, it also offers an impressive 99.99% protection against malicious code, or viruses, as they are commonly referred to.

Configurable Interface

The great thing about this software is you can configure the set up to suit your business, and whether you are a one man show or a large multi-national corporation, there is a package that will work for you. The software is easily installed, and there are cloud based solutions, which scan all incoming mail before it even arrives on your server.

Innovative Filtering

The software uses several algorithms to determine if an email is spam, and if it is, the email is quarantined, allowing you the option of deleting it or not. You can even track the path and block any future transmissions automatically, and over time, you will notice the reduced amount of spam, as the application remembers things.

Improve Productivity

Imagine how much time all of your employees spend deleting unwanted emails, and over one year that would amount to an awful lot of wasted time. Installing this innovative software will free up your workforce, and allow them to focus more on their respective tasks, and with a trusted anti-virus protection included, your critical data will always be safe from cyber-attack.

Flexible and Thorough

The latest generation of anti-spam software can be configured to suit your needs, and whether you have a single email account, or hundreds, the software can be configured to suit. You can rest assured that you are safe from a cyber-attack, as the application boasts 99.99% protection across the board, and any unwanted emails will be quarantined, giving you, the user, several options of what to do. This is an open source program and was written by Swiss developers, so you can be sure of the best quality, and with a free 30-day trial, you really have nothing to lose and everything to gain by experiencing the trouble free application for yourself.

The risks of online data theft are very real, so it isn’t just spam you need to worry about, and with a modern software package that is fully configurable, you can have data protection along with effective email spam filtering.

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