Get To Know About Washing Machines If You Are Interested In Buying One


In India, nowadays many different international brands are producing washing machines. To select a suitable machine for your need, you have to do little research so as to get a clear picture about different washing machine types, style, and features. In addition to looking at the brand, you also need to evaluate their real performance. Let’s understand some aspects, which can be helpful in choosing the right kind of washing machine.

Various brands in India

There are numbers of well known brands available in India and all of them have their niche market in the country. Some of best names to mention are LG, Samsung, Whirlpool, Haier, Bosch and Siemens etc. Few Indian companies like Videocon and IFB are also present in the market and competing with these international brands. All these companies are making good quality of washing machines and also have competent after-sales service support.

What are the various features to look for?

While buying a washing machine, the first thing to be taken under consideration is the type to select. Following are few different types of washing machines

  • Top loading type
  • Front loading type
  • Twin tub or semi-automatic
  • Fully automatic

You need to know pros and cons of each type in order to zero in your decision. Following are few other considerations along with above

  • Capacity of the machine
  • Spin speed
  • Combo facility like washer and drier
  • Cost of machine

Difference between top and front loading washing machine

As the name suggests, in the top loading washing machines, the clothes are loaded from the top while in the other case loading is done from the front of the machine. Both varieties of machines display their personal advantages and disadvantages.

Front loading machines are considered to be much gentler to the clothes while in top loading machine the clothes are agitated more, therefore the chances of clothes getting damaged, because of constant rubbing increases. Also, water and detergent requirements in front loader are less in comparison.

Only drawback with front load washing machine is its higher cost of purchase.

Manual vs automatic washing machines

Front loaders are mostly fully-automatic washing machines and a few ones even offer facilities to change water temperature.

Semi-automatic machines on the other hand are top loading type where clothes are manually transferred from washing to drying tub.

 Washing machine capacity

Capacity is determined by the amount of clothes that your washing machine can wash at a time. Washing machines range from 5 kg to 16 kg in term of capacity. In case of front load machine, if you stack few clothes then it may vibrate violently because of unbalanced load. Therefore, nowadays sensors are used, so that it will reduce the speed if number of clothes is less in number.

Cost of washing machines

If you are seriously determined to buy a washing machine then you must check its online price from various stores like Flipkart or Amazon to get rough idea about their price. Then you can negotiate the price with the sales person in the show rooms. Usually, salesmen will try to promote sales on those machines for which he gets more commission and hence do not follow their suggestion blindly. You can even compare features on CompareRaja to get a good unit.

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