Do perfect vlogging with Panasonic GH5s


Panasonic the change maker

Panasonic is one of the companies that have carved its name among the high-quality Vlogging cameras. It is a pioneer company in the world of mirror less cameras. For those who are inspired to make the films in their low budget, Panasonic has given the right solution. Videographers love to capture with the large sensor camera. Such cameras are a great option with autofocus, external microphones, and 1080p. The GH series has gradually improved itself from GH1 to GH5. In GH4 they added the 4K video while the recent GH5 is fitted with an internal 10-bit 4K with the GH5. Gh5 has therefore given a new shape to the concept of the mirrorless camera.

Why buy the Panasonic GH5:

Panasonic GH5 has revolutionized the concept of video making with the quality sensors. A potential Vlogger can create amazing videos with the 4K mirror less cameras. There is no need to worry about the low light. The Vlogger can capture the beauties even in the dimmest light. The simple functions and user-friendly features make it great for the Vloggers who have just started with their projects.

The mirror less videos

GH5 has set the standards for the mirror less video making. The cameras are fitted with a multi-aspect sensor that enables cinema kind of videos with an extended wide view. To some Vloggers, it is not very helpful because they feel that these cameras cannot stay stable while capturing during movement. The 10.2-megapixel resolution is worth, mentioning too.

Multi-aspect sensor

In Panasonic GH5 the manufacturers have reintroduced the technology of multi-aspect sensor that they have used previously in GH1 and GH2. Added to the Optical Low Pass filter it becomes a real Vlogging experience. It offers a perfect choice for capturing the DCI. As it is devoid of the pixel binning and line skipping, therefore, the viewers are compelled to appreciate the Vlogs captured through Panasonic GH5. The videos are better and sharp as compared to many videos with other cameras.

Better night shooter

Panasonic has always tried to improve the performance of their cameras. They have reduced the resolution on one hand and removed the stabilization on the other hand. They have added better pixels. The sensors are so well crafted that they are able to collect more light. Hence, GH5 helps in improved night shooting.  If you want your Vlogs to be less nosy you can keep the surrounding noises in the Vlog videos to the minimal level by giving the “dual native ISO” design.


Panasonic GH5s is a change maker. It is an innovative, amazing and highly professional way of creating the marvelous Vlogs. It has all that a Vlogger needs to create impressive creations. Whether you want to be a YouTuber or want to exhibit your Vlog on any forum Panasonic GH5s can be really great. It is not liked by some Vloggers due to minor limitations, but the overall performance is highly commendable. It is a worth buying companion for every Vlogger.

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