Amazon Echo Show Product Reviews


For the removing complaints from Google company, the Amazon echo show reviews are in and this is big news for a company that deals with negative reviews. The Echo Show is priced at $229.99 and it has a 7-inch touch screen and will start shipping this Wednesday.

How this gadget works is you don’t need to tap the screen for anything and there isn’t an app store where you can add things to your screen. How this gadget really works is it sits on your counter and it answers your questions, sets your timers, and occasionally displays some useful information for you. That’s just about all it does and it is great.

The product is a 7-inch touch screen that sits atop a flat speaker grille on a flat angle and it is all set inside a wedge-shaping casing. There is nothing special to the product, it is plain and does what you want it to do for you. Inside of it there is a two-inch speaker that is capable of producing sound that’s both louder and richer than what you’ll get from a regular Echo or a Google Home device. Many people are saying that Amazon could’ve done a little better here for the price of $230. The key difference between the Amazon echo Show and other devices similar is the screen. The show can give you access to music or TV just on in the background as you go about cooking or doing the dishes without having to touch it.

The downside of the device is that it is lacking an intelligent assistant that can suss out a wider variety of needs with just your voice and Amazon tried too hard and wanted the Echo Show to do more than it can. Now lets just wait and see which product makes the most sells and hopefully Amazon’s new Echo Show will do well.

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