A Basic Guide to Effective Web Design


The first thing to establish when talking web design is that usability and utility are what matter, and the visual design is very much an accessory. Flashing graphics and animations merely distract the user, and with an e-commerce site, easy navigation and a smooth browsing experience are what the online consumer is looking for. If you are looking to create an impressive and efficient website, here are some important things to bear in mind.

  • See Things from the User’s Perspective – If we examine what the average consumer wants in a website, it would be glancing at headings and clicking on links that seem appropriate. For example, a person interested in web design in Liverpool may type these words into the google search bar which will instantly bring up relevant websites to the query with the most trusted sites appearing at or near the top. As soon as they land on a site, if it looks like it contains information that they are looking for, they will stay, but if they do not instantly make progress, the back button comes into operation and the search begins again.


  • Quality Content – SEO strategies might bring people to your website, but it is only quality content that will keep them, and if you are not a prize winning writer, the SEO company would provide professional content of the highest quality, which is really what is needed. Blogs are an excellent way to provide informative and engaging reading, and by devoting a page to relevant articles, you are helping the consumer to make an informed decision.


  • Page Loading Speed –From the user’s point of view, the time it takes to load a page is a critical to whether they proceed any further down the purchasing route, and unfortunately, broadband speeds have made the online shopper impatient, and anything less than fast could cost you business. If your website has many videos and high resolution images, this could cause slow page loading, and that would be one of the areas an SEO company would focus on.


  • Scan Reading – People do not read a website in a linear fashion, as they would a book, or a magazine, and typically, a user would quickly scan the page, starting with the headings, and look for specific information. Knowing this is really helpful when designing a website, and if you enlist the help of a professional web developer, they can ensure that scan reading will produce the right results by placing the right content in the right places.

  • Understanding Browsing Habits – People like to be in control, and are not keen on windows popping up everywhere, and as most navigate with the back button, it is perhaps better not to have links that open on a separate page.

There is so much to good web design that it really should be left to the experts, especially with the design and build. Some business owners prefer to administrate their site, while others prefer to leave that to the experts, and either way, you have total web support from your developer.

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